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The 10 most checked-out in the past 3 months
Title Item type Checkouts  
Principles of microeconomics

Mankiw, Gregory - Cengage Australia 2019 - xvi,493 p.

Item type Student Collection Checkouts: 21 Place hold
Organizational behaviour

Robbins, Stephen; Judge, Timothy A.; Vohra, Neharika - Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd., Delhi 2019 - xxxiv, 740

Item type Book Checkouts: 18 Place hold
Management: a global, innovative, and entrepreneurial perspective

Weihrich, Heinz; Cannice, Mark V.; Koontz, Harold - McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited Chennai 2017 - xliii, 579

Item type Student Collection Checkouts: 12 Place hold
Brand admiration: building a business people love

Park, Whan C; Maclnnis, Deborah J.; Eisingerich, Andreas B. - Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 2016 - xvii, 270

Item type Book Checkouts: 4 Place hold
Idli Orchid and will power

Kamat, Vithal Venkatesh - Orchid books Mumbai 2008 - 208 P.

Item type Book Checkouts: 2 Place hold
The reluctant billionaire: how Dilip Shanghvi become the richest self-made Indian

Das, Soma - Portfolio Penguin USA 2019 - xviii, 500

Item type Book Checkouts: 1 Place hold
Banking for biginners

Bhaskar, R. - Book Emporium Mumbai 2016 - 186 p.

Item type Book Checkouts: 1 Place hold
Journal of Emerging Market Finance- Vol 14

Gangopadhyay, Subhashia - Sage Publication India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi - Approx. 100

Item type Journals-Bound volumes Checkouts: 1 Place hold
Out of your comfort zone

Mardlin, Emma

Item type Checkouts: 1 Place hold
101 all time great stories: with life-changing philosophies

Trivedi, Deep - Aatman Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 2019 - 276

Item type Book Checkouts: 1 Place hold

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