Book Alert-June-2019 RSS feed for public list Book Alert-June-2019 Life's amazing secrets: how to find balance and purpose in your life by Das, Gopal Gaur The joys of compounding: the passionate pursuit of lifeling learning by Baid, Gautam How finance works: the hbr guide to thinking smart about the numbers by Desai, Mihir The reluctant billionaire: how Dilip Shanghvi become the richest self-made Indian by Das, Soma Recovery, reforms and resilience in India by Bhandare, S.S.; Deshpande, C.S.; Soman, Mangesh Goliath's revenge: how established companies turn the tables on digital disruptors by Hewliin, Todd; Snyder, Scott Unlocking the customer value chain: how decoupling drives consumer disruption by Teixeira, Thales S.; Piechota, Greg Rebuild: how brands in India overcome crisis and emergerd stronger, better, wiser by Ramamurthy, Ramya Cannibals with forks: the triple bottom line of 21st century business by Elkington, John The wretched of the earth by Fanon, Frantz Ten days that shook the world by Reed, John