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Chaganti, Subba Rao

Pharmaceutical marketing in India: for today and tomorrow - 25th anniversary edition - Hydrabad PharmaMed Press  2019 - xxvii, 639 p. Hard


Part One: The Big Picture

1. The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: An Overview

2. The Pharmaceutical Market

Part Two: Ten ‘P’s

3. The Product

4. The Price

5. The Place

6. The Promotion

7. Personal selling

8. The Prescription

9. The Policy

10. Public Relations

11. The Power

12. The Patient

Part Three: Key Success Factors

13. Managing New Products

14. The Winning Game Plans

15. Towards Excellence in Marketing

16. The Winning Edge

17. Corporate Scoreboard

18. GMP

Twenty-five years ago, Pharmaceutical Marketing in India: Concepts, Cases, Strategy was the first-ever sectoral marketing book in the Asia Pacific Region. Today, twenty-five years later, Pharmaceutical Marketing in India for Today and Tomorrow continues to be the most comprehensive sectoral marketing book in pharmaceuticals in the Asia Pacific Region.

The new 25th Anniversary Edition of the book is an updated version of the original text with significant new content. The seventy-seven cases in the book show how some of the highly successful practitioners of Pharma marketing in India have positioned their products, launched and promoted their brands and defended their therapeutic segments. The experiential insights these cases provide are immensely useful for both the practitioners as well as the students of pharmaceutical marketing in India.

What is new in this all-new 25th Anniversary edition? The book presents an introduction to all aspects of changes and initiatives that are happening in the first world markets and whatever baby steps that are being taken by Indian drug majors and their MNC counterparts in India. To name a few - changing detailing practices such as e-Detailing, iPad detailing or tablet detailing, digital marketing strategies, social media strategies for the pharmaceutical industry, multichannel marketing, closed-loop marketing among others.
The new ways of engaging and building meaningful relationships with physicians in today’s declining physician access scenario are medical sales liaisons (MSL), key opinion leader (KOL) management and key account management (KAM). This latest edition includes these. The primary purpose of this edition is to make it not only relevant for today but also for tomorrow. In other words, to make it as future-proof as is possible.


Pharmaceutical industry--Marketing --India


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