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Chaganti, Subba Rao

Bullseyes and blunders: lessons from 100 cases in pharmaceutical marketing - Hyderabad PharmaMed Press 2019 - xxiv, 593 p. Hardbound


1. The Pharmaceutical Market

2. The Pharmaceutical Product

3. Therapeutic Leadership

4. Product Launch Strategy

5. Life Cycle Management

6. Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices: Good and Bad

7. Disease Branding

8. Blue Ocean Strategy

9. The Pricing Strategies

10. Pharma and Social Media

Summary, etc Bullseyes and Blunders: Lessons from 100 Cases in Pharmaceutical Marketing is a first-of-its-kind of a book. The book is an invaluable resource for the practitioners as well as the students of pharmaceutical marketing. The case studies presented in the book offer many experiential insights into how some of the world’s renowned pharmaceutical marketers built, launched, defended and managed their brands and steered them clear of competition. The Bullseyes in the book present a snapshot of these winning brands. Studying the Blunders or failures or flops too is significant for the practitioners and students of marketing alike. Because these provide the much needed insights into the essential Don’ts while building and managing their brands. Bullseyes and Blunders provides a more practical understanding of various topics that are highly relevant for the Pharma brand managers and marketing managers. These are market opportunity analysis, product positioning, product launches, lifecycle management, building and defending a disease-franchise among others.


Pharmacetical Marketing


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