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Vohra, N.D.

Quantitative techniques in management - 5 - Chennai McGraw-Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2019 - XV, 1091 Paperback

1. Decision –Making and Quantitative Techniques
2. Linear Programming I: Formulation and Graphic Solution
3. Linear Programming II: Simplex Method
4. Linear Programming III: Duality and Sensitivity Analysis
5. Specially Structured Linear Programmes I: Transportation and Transhipment Problems
6. Specially Structured Linear Programmes II: Assignment Problem
7. Extensions of Linear Programming: Integer Programming and Goal Programming
8. Sequencing
9. Inventory Management
10. Queuing Theory
11. Replacement Theory
12. PERT and CPM
13. Decision Theory
14. Markov Chains
15. Theory of Games
16. Dynamic Programming
17. Simulation
18. Investment Analysis and Break-Even Analysis
19. Forecasting

This book provides an in-depth understanding of basic quantitative tools and techniques required in analytical evaluations and managerial decisions making. The updated edition offers MS Excel integration as a means to solving various problems related to quantitative techniques with explanation of solutions using Solver. It also continues to provide rich pedagogical support including relatively large-sized practical problems to aid decision-making process of managers.
With updated and comprehensive coverage on Linear Programming, Goal Programming, Sequencing, Inventory Management, Queuing Theory, PERT and CPM, the new edition will continue to be useful for students pursuing post graduate courses in management and commerce and also professional courses like those offered by ICAI and ICWAI.


Quantitative techniques


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