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Pathak, Akhileshwar

Legal aspects of business - 7 - Chennai McGraw-Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2019 - xxviii, 941 Paperback

1.Introduction to Law and Business Part 1: Contract Law 2. Introduction to Contract Law 3. Formation of Agreement 4. Contracts by Signing and Incorporation of Terms 5. Electronic Contracts 6. Acceptance, Revocation and Time and Place of Contract 7. The Battle of Forms, Auction and Tender 8. Consideration 9. Termination of Contracts 10. Damages 11. Setting the Contract Aside Part 2: Sale of Goods 12. Sale and Transfer of Ownership 13. Sale and Quality of Goods 14. Performance of Sale Contract 15. Sale, Service and Goods Part 3: Bailment, Pledge and Lien 16. Bailment 17. Pledge and Hypothecation 18. Lien

Legal Aspects of Business, Seventh Edition, by Akhileshwar Pathak interfaces law with management and deals comprehensively with almost every field of law which has a bearing on business. The focus of this edition, like that of the earlier editions, is on making the teaching and learning of business laws interesting and engaging. It adopts a ‘learning by discovering’ approach. Each important theme opens with a section having unsolved cases that bring out disputes arising from business practices and other common incidents. The student, while thinking through the cases and settling the disputes, discovers the concepts and principles that underlie the theme. The succeeding section on the same theme confirms this understanding and develops it further through notes, examples, and review and analysis of court judgments.


Business law


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