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Khan, M.Y.; Jain, P.K.

Financial management: text, problems and cases - 8 - Chennai McGraw-Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2019 - xxi, 1.1-35.47+I.10 Paperback

Part I: Foundation of Finance:
Chapter 1: Financial management: Overview
Chapter 2:Time value Money
Chapter 3:Risk and Return
Chapter 4: Valuation of Bonds and Shares

Part II: Financial Analysis, Profit planning and control
Chapter 5: Statement of cash flows
Chapter 6: Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 7: Volume-cost-Profit Analysis
Chapter 8: Budgeting and Profit planning

Part III: Long- term investment decision
Chapter 9: Capital budgeting I: Principles and techniques
Chapter 10: Capital Budgeting II: Additional aspects
Chapter 11: Concept and measurement of cost of capital
Chapter 12: Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty

Part IV: Current Assets Management
Chapter 13: Working capital Management overview
Chapter 14: Management of cash and marketable securities
Chapter 15: Recievables Management
Chapter 16: Inventory Management
Chapter 17: Working capital financing

Part V: Financing Decision
Chapter 18: Operating, financial and combined leverage
Chapter 19: Capital structure, cost of capital and valuation
Chapter 20: Designing capital structure

Part VI: Long- term financing
Chapter 21: Capital markets
Chapter 22: Equity/ ordinary shares
Chapter 23: Term loans, debentures/ bonds and securitization
Chapter 24: Hybrid financing/ instruments
Chapter 25: Lease financing and hire- purchase finance
Chapter 26: Venture capital financing

Part VII: Risk Management
Chapter 27: Option valuation
Chapter 28: Derivatives: Managing financial Risk

Part VIII: Dividend Decision
Chapter 29: Dividend and valuation
Chapter 30: Determinants of dividend policy

Part IX: Valuation and Corporate restructuring
Chapter 31: Business Valuation
Chapter 32: Corporate restructuring

Part X: International Finance
Chapter 33: Foreign exchange markets and dealings
Chapter 34: Foreign exchange exposure and risk management
Chapter 35: International Financial Management

Financial Management by Khan and Jain is one book in the Indian market which deals with topics following step by step learning approach, backed by large number of solved problems. Keeping in line with the previous editions, this 8th edition brings out the explanation of theories, concepts and techniques explicitly, with more excel integration in the text.


Financial management


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