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Dhar, Mainak

Brand shastra: use the power of marketing to transform your life - USA Portfolio Penguin 2016 - x, 225 Paper

"What is the similarity between selling a brand and standing out for promotion? Can the principles of B2B marketing really give marriage a happily ever after? Is using celebrities to sell shampoo the same thing as getting references for your resume? How can lessons from the branding of Starbucks and McDonald's change your life? This is not the sort of marketing you learn in business schools, but more a science which influences human perception and through it, behaviour. From the days of Adam, this is that power we all understand intuitively and use every day. From losing weight to implementing better work-life balance to how we incentivize conduct in our friends and colleagues-there are lessons and insights in the book that you'll find yourself relating to and applying in how you lead your life. Combining the business and branding experience of a CEO, with the storytelling ability of a novelist, Mainak Dhar's Brand Shastra will stimulate, inspire and entertain."


Brand Management


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