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Colgan, Stevyn

One step ahead: notes from the problem solving unit - UK Unbound 2018 - 300 Paper

The intelligent art of solving crimes before they happen.
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'A model of smart storytelling and pure inspiration' Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics

Stevyn Colgan spent thirty years in the police service, ten of them as part of the Problem Solving Unit, a special team with an extraordinary brief: to tackle issues of crime and disorder that were unresponsive to traditional policing. The result is this fascinating collection of innovative and imaginative approaches to crime prevention, showing us that any problem can be solved if we just identify its underlying roots.

You'll come to appreciate the advantages of sticking gum on celebrities' faces and why the colour of your football kit might win you the match. You'll learn how lollipops counter antisocial behaviour, how wizards prevent street gambling and how putting on a dog show could help reduce violent crime.

Above all, this book is an amusing, insightful and often surprising celebration of creative thinking that will inspire you to stay one step ahead of the problem.


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