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Maylett, Tracy; Wride, Matthew

The employee experience: how to attract talent, retain top performers, and drive results - New Delhi Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., 2017 - xvii, 219 Hardbound

Dedication and Acknowledgements



Part I Great Expectations

1 You're Digging in the Wrong Place

2 The Expectation Gap

3 Ask Your Doctor about Expectation Alignment Dysfunction

4 An Intentional Framework

Part II Three Contracts

5 The Brand Contract

6 The Transactional Contract

7 The Psychological Contract

Part III Trust

8 Moments of Truth

9 Engagement MAGIC®

10 Building the EXtraordinary

Appendix Comparing the Three Contracts: Brand

The Employee Experience helps organizations attract and retain top talent but also reveals the secrets for building a deeply engaged workforce. With deep insights into the dynamics of trust and mutual expectations, this book shows that before you can deliver a transcendent customer experience (CX), you must first build a superlative employee experience (EX). This is not about creating a worker's utopia, and it does not mean that work must be easy; employees are responsible for managing expectations and meeting the organization's requirements. But by establishing a clear set of expectations and promises--collectively known as the Contract--and upholding it consistently, employers can build the essential trust that leads to powerful employee engagement.


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