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Gupta, Rajen K.; Awasthy, Richa

Qualitative research in management: methods and experiences - New Delhi Sage Publishing 2015 - xxii: 259P Paper

Preface Acknowledgements
Rajen K Gupta and Richa Awasthy Qualitative Research: An Introduction Richa Awasthy On Becoming a Qualitative Researcher
Tara Shankar Basu Phenomenology: Qualitative Research—An Odyssey of Discovery Sumita Mishra Semiotics: Doing an Emic Research the “Semiotic” Way—Experiences and Challenges Twisha Anand Grounded Theory: My PhD Journey—Finding a Method to the Madness Anjan Roy Quasi-Ethnography: Methodological Design for Exploring Knowledge Creation in Organizations Shalini Rahul Tiwari Single Case Study: A Promenade Down the Memory Boulevard Margie Parikh Single Case Study: Exploring Organizational Ambidexterity—My Journey As a Qualitative Researcher Swanand J Deodhar Multiple Case Study: From Research Problem to Research Design in a Doctoral Setting—A Student’s Experiential Musings Devendra Kumar Punia Multiple Case Study: My Journey—From Pure Quantitative Research to Mixed Research, and Then from Mixed Research to Pure Qualitative Research Abinash Panda Mixed Methodology: Researching at Any Cost—Restorying My Journey into the "Unknown" Anita Ollapally Mixed Methodology: Use of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research to Understand and Explore Organizational Phenomena in 21st Century—Reflecting on Personal Experience as a “Research Scholar”
Richa Awasthy and Rajen K Gupta The Churning Process: Insights from the Experiences Index

This book is the first of its kind on qualitative research in management in the Indian context. It covers the philosophy and practice of qualitative research, and presents the journeys of 10 management scholars who describe their experiences of doing qualitative research while explaining their choice of varied methods. Both aspiring and experienced management researchers will find it an invaluable resource.


Management Research.
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