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Kotler, Philip

Marketing management : a South Asian perspective Philip Kotler,Kevin Lane Keller, Abraham Koshi and Mithileshwar Jha - 13 - NEW DELHI Pearson Education India Pvt. Ltd. 2009 - XLVII, 647P. Paper

The thirteenth edition of marketing management: a south asian perspective is a study material with updated and revised content. The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed explanation on changing trend in marketing theory and management: a south asian perspective is designed to help students learn how to develop marketing strategies and plans, capture marketing perception and presentation, connect with customers, form strong brands and produce effective long-term growth and development.the book is divided into 8 parts comprising of 22 chapters. Each and every topic of this book is described in detail to provide a clear understanding about the concept. This will help students to grasp things more easily.part 1 of this book discusses about defining marketing for the 21st century and developing marketing strategies and plans. Part 2 talks about gathering information and scanning the environment and conducting marketing research and forecasting demand. Part 3 of book covers creating customer value, analysing consumer markets and business markets and identifying market segment and targets. Part 4 describes dealing with competition, creating brand equity and crafting the brand positioning. Part 5 explains setting product strategy, designing and managing services and developing pricing strategies and programs. Part 6 talks about designing and managing integrated marketing channels and managing retailing wholesaling and logistics. Part 7 discusses about designing and managing integrated marketing communications, managing mass communications, events and experiences, managing personal communications. Finally, book ends with part 8 that introduces new market offerings, tapping into global markets and managing a holistic marketing organization for long run. The book was published by pearson education in 2008 and is available in paperback.

9788131716830 978-81-317-1683-0

Marketing management


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